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" sfno72
44Mag load question
I have some experience in rifle loading ( 308,7mm mag) but now I'm looking to do some pistol loading. I know that you can shoot 44 special rounds in a 44mag pistol for less recoil. But I want to know if you can load a 44 to an in between load. I'm looking for something like shooting a 38spl+P in a 357mag, more pop than the 38spl but not as much as the magnum. Any recomedation on which powder would work best for this load and slug weight. Just putting holes in paper. New to this forum, so thanks in advance."

Welcome to the gab fest.

As to your question, yes.
The 44 is very versatile, as others have stated.
I load cheap and simple. My granddaughters like to shoot this load. 5.6 grains of 231 under a cast 240 grain bullet with a standard large pistol primer, all in a .44 Mag case. This give around 650 to 700 FPS (different weapons). Want more, work the load up.


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