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my new year resolution shoot 350 rounds per day or 127750 rounds in a year

After posting my normal shooting amounts of 80-100 k rounds per year i am often met with disbelief. I am going to start updating this thread every day starting jan 1st to document my shooting to demonstrate not only how easy it is to make time to shoot every day but to do so and not just "blaze thru ammo" I do not have my own shooting area i belong to a local gun club. I will be shooting a variety of handguns some in common caliber some in so "odd ball" stuff but nothing to crazy. Yes i do load my own ammo and I cast my own bullets so the cost will be about 3-5000 for the year depending on what i shoot more of especially if .22lr ammo is included. I will post pics of the guns im shooting the targets and keep a round count for the entire year. Any questions people have ill answer and just like on my facebook status anyone thats local I would be more than happy to have shooting company.

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