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The Smileys have been growing restless. Their numbers have been increasing. Unrest was afoot. Something major was about to happen. Tensions were high.

An offensive was launched at 0900 today. The Smileys came in waves. Their strength was in numbers. Page after page of Smileys appeared. One by one they dropped. Each time the big Model 25 barked a Smiley would fall. It was a massacre. A horror show if you will. It didn't take long before their army was incapacitated. Annihilated. Crushed.
Some might call it genocide. I call it a good start to the day.

Okay, enough goofing around.

I left my camera at home this morning and wasn't able to capture the carnage first hand so I recreated the scene after I returned.

I finally got around to mounting the Bowen rear sight on my previous owner red dotted 25-2. The original sight screw hole was mutilated. I ended up mounting the gun in my vertical mill and drilling the hole oversize and retapping it. I need to remove the fillister head screw and drop in a propoer screw but what I have works great.
While I was messing with it I removed the combat grips that don't fit me and installed some random grips I found at a gun show. They are a wee bit thin for me but fit my shooting style better than the combats.

Since the purpose of today's outing was to set the sights and fiddle with the Ruger wheel guns I didn't bother trying to load something specific for the M25. Instead, I fed it the 230 gr ball over 4.6 gr of Bullseye that I use for plinking in the Kimber.
A couple twiddles of the adjustment screw and the sights were on. This thing had no problems smashing smileys between the eyes at 10 yards. In fact, it was on par with my laser straight shooting Blackhawk in 30 Carbine. I'll have to mess with some loads to see what it likes.
This was only our second outing but I have the feeling the M25 and I are going to be friends for a long time to come.
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