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I'm glad to see that I'm no longer the lone wolf in speaking out against PSA here. I had many of the same sentiments nearly a year ago now... and everyone blew me off as if I was making it up.

The slow shipping didn't really bother me too much. I can deal with that. It was the lack of quality control, non functioning parts, shipping wrong parts, and then absolutely ZERO response from their customer service department about the issue. I had to pay out of pocket to have a gunsmith fix a brand new upper so that it would become more than a single shot rifle. I gave them 5 weeks to respond before I paid to have it fixed. That includes numerous phone calls and emails.... nothing. EVER. It's been over a year now and they still never responded. That's absurd. It's not like a I sent one email or left one voicemail and it got overlooked. It was blatantly ignored.

I understand that stuff happens... and I'm happy to give the company an opportunity to make it right. My experience is that they don't care to make it right.

Now that their popularity has expanded, the prices aren't even as great as they were before... so I have no reason to purchase from them again. It was one thing when they had their $50 lowers last year.... now that they're selling blemished lowers for almost the same price as a Spike's or Aero Precision lower, I'll go with the ones that are more reliable.

I am a very strong advocate for Daniel Defense and BCM. After that, and for a little bit of cost savings, I think Spike's is definitely the way to go. Spike's is good stuff and has great customer service at a decent price. The one and only downside to Spike's is their popularity means that it's hard to actually get the rifle... if you can find them in stock... buy them!
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