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The fit of the pistol has a great deal to do with how well a new shooter performs.

Too many shooters select the latest greatest or what their buddies like. They do not take into account the grip and what I call point ability.

if the grip is to large or to small the shooter cannot control the pistol.

If the pistol does not naturally fall with the site aligned, the shooter will have a great deal of difficulty shooting the weapon accurately.

For example I cannot shoot the little NAA mini revolver. It flys out of my hand when I shot it. Try as hard as I can I have never fired one were it did not hit the ground after the first shot.

The ruger MK II or III are not comfortable for me to shoot. I will score 50% less on a National Match course with my Ruger Mk II target than I will with a S&W Model 41.

I am most accurate with a 1911 with a flat back strap shooting hardball. When I shoot to the light wad loads my accuracy decreases.

The new shooter should concentrate on a good fitting pistol with a recoil that is comfortable. they can then concentrate on the fundamentals of Site alignment, body position, grip, Breathing and trigger control. (they are not in order of importance).

Having mastered those fundamentals, they can experiment with other weapons and calibers.
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