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Glock dominates the market from a price and name stand point. Departments look to buy sidearms look to what every one else is using, and the attached price point. CZ, as pointed out, has only one local factory, the Dan Wesson plant, which burned a few weeks ago. I would LOVE to see a CZ plant, (preferably in Arizona, hint hint, Santa?), as then guns like the CZ -122 could be made here as well, but the expense of duplicating the set up in Uhersky Brod would be a massive undertaking with no clear big finish, not without a major contract.
I've been trying to get my Dept to look at CZ, for the P-07 Duty, the SP-01 Phantom, or even the brand new P-09, but the ossification of the upper crust becomes VERY apparent - over ten years of trying results in, "We use Glock, we have always used Glock, we will always use Glock" mentality...even though we switch from Ruger Service Six revolvers to Glocks scant thirteen years ago. The contract expires soon, and all I want them to do is try them out.
The CZ pistols are more prevalent over seas than here, and are very popular in places like Israel and South Africa. There are several agencies that use the CZ pistols around the world, but here in the US, making headway has been very difficult...maybe someday. I personally know one police chief in a smaller Midwest Department who carries a CZ-75 as his duty sidearm.
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