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1st Gun: .22 but which one?

I'm looking to pick up my first gun and I would prefer that it is a .22 lr revolver. I'm not sure if I want SA or DA yet (this is where I need help). I want a .22 for cheap practice on my trigger pulls.

I would prefer to find something in the 400-500 dollar range.

My biggest concern is that it seems good DA revolvers are hard to find that aren't S&W (currently out of my price range). I'd rather save a few bucks on my .22 and use that towards the purchase of a very nice (most likely S&W revolver) home defense revolver in the next 6 months.

I know there are some great choices for SA revolvers. The single six and ten which i've shot many times and love them.

Does it make sense to get a DA revolver so I can also practice shooting in groups of 2 or 3. Seems like a skill worth knowing for a defense situation.

I tried the Ruger sp101 .22 yesterday at the range. While I liked the gun in SA the DA trigger pull was very heavy. I found myself just shooting SA the whole day because of it. I dont think I'd be willing to buy that gun over the single six/ten because of the price difference unless there are easy and cheap ways to reduce the DA trigger pull.

I guess the basic question is, is there any reason not to get the ruger single six/ten for purposes of fun shooting and using the gun to increase my skill that will translate to skill with my next home defense revolver.
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