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Made my choice for hiking carry,etc.

I wanted a smaller, lighter gun to carry on hikes and was checking out small revolvers. Just for giggles I picked up a Sig P250 subcompact at the local PX. My search was over. It's heavier than a j-frame, but the trigger puts the Smith to shame. The grip frame is a little short as you would expect, but it's not a handicap at all like it is on a baby Glock. The shape and texture of the grip feels just right. I chose 9 mm because practicing with factory ammo is affordable, plus there are lots of different ammo choices out there.

Now I find myself wanting to get one of their 'Caliber Xchange' kits. I can basically have a second gun for $239. Caliber choices are 9 mm, .357 Sig, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. I do like .45 ACP but would like opinions on the second caliber for overall use; hiking, possible predators (all kinds-I live a stone's throw from the Mexican border), and just general fun. I will get either a compact or full-size frame for the second configuration if that would affect your opinion.
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