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The last time the bore of my rifle saw a brush and solvent has been at least six or seven years ago. That was something like maybe 30 rounds ago.
I went through 140 rounds of 308 and 30-06 with 4 rifles on Tuesday's range session. More rounds through each gun in 3 hours than you have shot in 6-7 years.

Unless you are shooting corrosive ammo or the inside of your barrel gets wet there is no need to clean your barrel after every shooting session. I keep a piece of electrical tape over my barrels to keep moisture and other debris out of the barrel when hunting.

Deer season will be over here in a couple of weeks and all of my rifles will get broken down and given a thorough cleaning then. During the winter and spring I go to the range a lot because no one else is there. It is a good time to practice and experiment with my handloads. I get out some in the summer and fall, but not as much since the range is a bit more crowded. I'll thoroughly clean them all again in August or early September. Or if I notice accuracy starting to get worse.

After cleaning I'll go back to the range and shoot 3-4 groups of 3 shots through each barrel to confirm zero and fowl the barrel. Most guns, all of mine, shoot a little better after 10-12 shots through the barrel vs a clean barrel. I then tape up the barrel and won't touch the barrel again until after hunting season unless it does manage to get wet. Even then it is likely to be just a bore snake to get the moisture out. I do clean any debris from the action as needed, but don't want to touch the barrel unless I really have to. Never had a speck of rust in my barrels.
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