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I too am one that processes their own deer. 30 years ago after years of payin' thru the nose and gettin' meat back that was covered with hair and run thru the same bandsaw as Bubbas gutshot fawn, I started to butcher my own. Never knew how good venison could really be until I totally processed it by myself. I now do it all on the kitchen table with my sons beside me and the wife and DIL wrapping on the counter beside us. It has become an after hunt tradition with a pot of Chile made with fresh ground burger simmerin' on the stove till the table is cleaned and the tools are washed and put away. Jerky and sausage gets made as time allows and need for more dictates. Loins and steaks are cut right away, but meat destined for burger/sausage and jerky is boned and trimmed, but left intact and then froze till used. I've found that grinding venison fresh as it's needed keeps it tasting better than grinding it all at once and then freezing. Thawing it just slightly before grinding makes the grinder cut it clean without making mush outta it.

BTW....pickled deer heart is a Christmas tradition here at our house. It started 60 years ago with my mom and grandmother.
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