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FWIW; I'd say forget "rounds per hour" and disregard those bragging posts about 100+ rph on a single stage. I started reloading to supply ammo for my first centerfire revolver in 1969. Even then I wasn't concerned with rph, just getting safe ammo that went bang every time. Your 50 rounds is just fine (sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less), and as long as you're happy with that amount, go for it! Don't compare your reloading with anonymous reloaders' posts. One way to "seemingly" increase your rph is to batch load; size/deprime/flare a bunch of beass, then at a later date mebbe prime a bunch, then you have ready to go brass that only needs to be charged and a bullet seated/crimped. I have way more time to reload than to shoot so I use this method (I like to keep at least 100 ready to load brass handy for each of my calibers, and I have plenty of time to do that). And it feels like the ammo comes really fast...
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