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What is wrong with the 44 Magnum ? The Smith and Wesson 460 cartridge is as big as the 45 LC or the 454 casull, yet it surpasses either one of them.
the difference betwenn the .45 and .44 is a silly .o1 inch !
Yet, people seem to think that makes it so much better.
If you want a big bullet get a .480 Ruger; a pleaser to shoot and
it really is much larger than a 44 Magnum.
The .475 Linebaugh is a bugger to shoot and I have shot ONE (1) 500 Smith and Wesson round and I was done with that.
If you want power and versitallity get a .475 Linebaugh and shoot .480 ruger rounds through it.
I am very partial to the 45 Long Colt and think it is the best all around cartridge. I am guessing a whole lot of others think the same as it has
been around for a Very Long Time.
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