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You guys need a home defense shotgun load with a 50 yard range? That's a pretty big house. If I fired buckshot from my bedroom door down my hallway, it would go through 3 sheetrock walls and in to two cars, before going through another wall into the neighbor's house. A slug would be even worse. I think 4 bird shot at 15 feet should be adequate.
Even a slug wouldn't likely suffer the over penetration in the above...

You are stating "3 sheetrock walls" which is 6 sheets of drywall, insulation in at least one wall and the exterior veneer then "in to two cars" which is 2 layers of tempered glass minimum and 4 layers of metal and 2 layers of unholstery maximum before "going through another wall into the neighbor's house" which is penetrating the exterior veneer layers, insulation and layer of drywall...

As for the #6... I would feel totally confident taking on even a rabid fat coon but only if at HD/SD distance... further than that #4 bird shot at a minimum feel better putting in BB at that point...

For bigger critters... Buck or slug if I own any and I always own both...

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