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Thank you all for your opinions!

Unfortunately it looks like it'll be a moot point for the time being.

Went to the LGS with $150 + a trade to see what they had. Beautiful stainless 92FS, and a Gen4 G17.

My trade, a Glock 30 (Gen 3), 450 rounds through it, with new (3 months old) Trijicon Hi Def Nightsights. (when new, $550 gun + $155 night sights).

Best offer I got was $330...was hoping for a bit more. The Gen4 G17 was $549 and the 92FS was $729 ($about 600 at a rival store).

Can't justify any more cash right now than that with the holidays around the corner, so looks like it'll be waiting until tax season! (For now, looks like my P228 gets to stay primary for a bit longer)
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