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M1917's are great rifles, not as smooth as the 1903s or even the Krag's, but great rifles all the same.

It's a shame so many have been "bubba'ed up" . I have to confess I have a "bubba" gun my self. I got it as an Action Only, and made a 416 Rigby. But I did luck out a few years ago and found a near perfect specimen.
Really nice looking rifle. Looks a bit better than mine per condition. Share the details! Stock, barrel date and mfg, receiver date and mfg, bolt?

I hope to get my Remington into a Remington stock at some point but it has to match the action. Better off with the E stock that is right than a sanded R. The rest is enough R that I can get some parts and get it completely R.

Good case can be made its more authentic mixed up with the Ws and Es. Either way is good.

Mine is a 9-18 R barrel on an R 511833 Receiver. R bolt, E stock with other odd and ends R (sight) and W and E.
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