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I make the argument the .410 is a supior home defense shotgun to the 12 gauge and i woullike to share why
Can't argue with you. Your well-researched () reasoning that the .410 has

1) equal power
2) less recoil
3) more pellets are not better

is why the police and military use .410's when they have to stop people.

(Oops, they use 12 gauges. Guess they'e just not as smart as you. Of course, you could do some additional research and try to discover WHY the other 99% of the world disagrees with you.)

I very seriously doubt if anyone would disagree with you if you claimed that a .410 was a viable home defense weapon (so is a .22), but to claim that it's superior to a 12 gauge and be wrong on 2 out of 3 of your reasons is pretty laughable.

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