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It's the "Salts" that hurt.

In B/P sulfur when burned releases corrosive sulfuric acid fumes which coats your barrels bore Snail &/or its firing channel also. I think the same situation is seen with Pyrodex too.
Because of the sulphur of BP and Pyrodex, when burned, produces various "Salts". I've read descriptions where chemists find the process, hard to define. Even the Chinese were confused/surprised at the reaction when they first discovered BP. ....

If left sealed and un-fired, it will do little or no harm. However, you can't take it for granted or let it go too long. I may start a season loaded and if bad luck has it, it stays unfired, I will pull or push the load out at the end of the season with no ill effects. I once pull a load for a buddy who kept his loaded for 5-yrs. He wanted to sell it and still claim that it had not been fired. ...

I tested the powder and it still ignited just fine. The following cleaning, indicated no rusting. The walls of the sabot just showed black and again, no sign of rust. ...

Note that in Iowa, an M/L is considered un-loaded as long as it is not capped.

Be Safe !!!
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