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Reloading is not about speed, it's about accuracy.
I do not agree with this generalization. Reloading is a process that can be adapted to whatever requirement the shooter has.

Sometimes I load for precision, other times I load for speed. It makes no difference to me if my idpa practice ammo is slightly less accurate than I can possibly make it- thats why I use mixed brass, hold the OAL to +/-.005" instead of .001-.002, use HP38/W231 instead of N320, etc. My 25yard groups with my practice ammo are 2"-2.25", vs 1.75"-2" when I take my time, sort by headstamp, check and adjust OAL more often, use my "A" powder, etc.

In another thread I am discussing which progressive to buy for my .45 loading, specifically because production rate is important to me in that caliber.

Accuracy isnt everything. I only have so many hours in the day. Whatever time I save loading my practice ammo is time I can be on the range or working my "real" job to pay for this hobby.
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