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Hi, my name is Bob, and I'm a guaholic!
It's been a long six months now, but mostly not because of personal dedication to controlling my habit. The reason has mostly been the needs for funds for my daughter's wedding back in October.
Now that that is over, and the bills are paid I can get back to my wayward ways. Been really thinking about an LCR for quite a while. Then there's that Charter Bulldog I've wanted forever. Now with the possibility of magazine capacity restrictions a CZ SP01 Phantom is rapidly ascending to the top of the list. I don't have any CZ75 varients, just milsurp CZ's like a 50, 52, and 82. Besides, 9MM's are like jello. Ya always have room for more. Also on my short list is a Taurus (I know, and no comments from the Peanut Gallery please) 992 22 LR/ 22 Mag. If a 4" Stainless ever pops up at a LGS, or gun show my wagon ride is over!!! Last, well maybe not really last, for some odd reason I've really taken a liking to the Ruger Charger. A completely unexplained desire for an equally unnecessary addition!
Gotta go now, I think there's a sale at a LGS, a gun show going on, and I've got a few bucks in Club Cabella's points that could bring down the price of that LCR they have for fifty bucks off!
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