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This has nothing to do with sitting in a restaurant or theater but a situation that happened in a small sporting goods store and before CCL. Myself, my wife, and daughter were shopping and i was on one end of the store and the girls on the other end. Two employees were working and no one else was in the store.

Five men came in the store very quickly in a planned manner(yes stereotyping. dressed gangsta style)and automatically spread out seemingly to divert attention to the employees. I overheard the largest man(who seemed to be "in charge") tell two of his crew to get over by the cash register and he told the others were to move too.

When I heard that I immediately felt something was up so I went to my wife and said we need to leave now!She was being helped by one of the employees and I was thinking in my head i need to say something to him but all I was thinking about was get my family out of there. When i told my wife what was up she kind of blew it off but I just had a feeling something wasn't right. Again I told her we need to go NOW!

When we left the store I felt bad for not saying anything to the employees and I thought about calling the police. I did nothing but get my family out of there!(also got a license #) I thought about going back by the store after we left to see if anything was going on and I did check the police reports the next day but nothing was reported. I really feel had we not been in the store it might have been robbed. It was that intense in that store at that moment.

Again nothing happened but instinct told me to go! In all our ''what if" games and planning scenarios it never seems to pan out the way we plan. Has anyone ever had that "feeling" in a similar situation? Would you have left also and do you think i over-reacted?
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