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You really need to decide what you are trying to get out of it.

If you just want to go and have fun, and challenge yourself you don't really need anything special.

The old club I used to shoot with was a lot more focused on practical shooting, using realistic situations, sometimes based on real-world events. I shot a rifle match with them using a bolt action K98k Mauser. I did not win, but it was very challenging, and I had fun.

The last match I shot at a different club was a lot more of a gun game, and I used a basic AR Carbine with standard carry-handle A2 sights (shooting from 15 to ~300 yards), a single stack .45 1911, and a otherwise stock 870 with a mag tube extension.

I challenged myself, and had fun.

Did I win? Of course not, the top guys all had custom rifles with optics, semi-auto shotguns with 26 inch barrels with magazines longer than the barrel.

Before you start spending a bunch of money on gear, you need to consider what your goal is.
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