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The issue here is not that these loads will blow up a gun. The issue is severe gas cutting of the forcing cone. Ever watch someone use a gas cutting torch? Steel will stand up to it for a little while. The torch always wins. Read Kuhnhausen's Ruger DA revolver shop manual. He has many photographs of barrels ruined by staedy diets of 110-125 gr. "hot" loads. Unfortunately I didn't read his book until after I ruined a barrel on a Ruger GP 100. Stick with heavier slower loads unless you don't mind paying the cost of replacing your gun or its barrel.
Drail hits the nail on target. Here is a picture of a forcing cone of a GP100 after firing 100 rounds of 125gr "frame throwers" a week for a year. Note the erosion of the forcing cone. The revolver was sent back to Ruger for a barrel replacement.
Stick with the heavier gr and slower moving rounds. A 1300 FPS is plenty fast enough.

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