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I want to provide some input on the Bersa Pro Ultra Compact. This pistol is available in 9mm, .40 and .45. I was looking for a compact 9mm to use for appendix IWB carry. I wanted a combination of small size, thinness, hammer fired, and decent capacity. I ended up buying the Bersa Pro UC 9mm and still haven't found anything to replace it.

It is an all metal gun except for the one-piece plastic wraparound grip. The grip also incorporates finger grooves which make it very easy to grip. The capacity in 9mm is 13 +1. It has a decocker and an accessory rail for lights and lasers. It also has one of the smoothest single and double action trigger pulls out there. In fact, in stock form, it still probably has a better trigger than the Berettas I've massaged.

For me, it is just no more or no less than what I need for a nice compact 9mm pistol. Fully loaded, it's around 27-28 ounces, which is a bit more than I like. But that gives me 14 shots before having to reload. It is also pretty darn accurate for its short barrel length. It's not the prettiest thing, but it is like an anvil. It just works. If you can find one to handle and look over, you should try to check it over.

good luck!

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