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First rifle after .22

Hi. I recently got the bug. Moving back to Utah in a few months, I want to hunt deer and elk in the near future. Having very limited experience with fire arms, I bought my first rifle ( savage bolt 22) to practice fundamentals. I might be recoil sensitive, since I have never shot anything "more" than an M-16 when I was in the USAF. My main concern is developing a flinch.

I have been looking at the 308 or 30-06 since they are versatile hunting rifles. While I'm not opposed to buying a deer rifle and an elk rifle, it obviously cost less to buy just one.

So, will the jump from a .22 to a .308/30-06 be a stretch? I just dont want to develop bad habits. Also, Im 70 inches/180 pounds. Should I start with reduced recoil rounds then work up?

One more question (haha) Winchester Model 70 or Marlin XS7 for first rifle. I will keep it forever and it wont be my last.

thanks guys/gals
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