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valleyforge.1777 I asked for details, real info. All I got was a Google search result that has ARF-dot-com posts from 2003. If there were legal violations, R Guns would not still be selling rifles, (he is still doing business under his Dads name) so I am going to dismiss what those posts talk about.

So, I will ask again, one more time, does anyone have any specific problem or know of any specific problems with buying from R Guns?

i have no idea what you want as proof this guy, "R-Guns" (Roger Krahl) is a bona-fide criminal.., a FELON !!

if you want to do business with him.., fine !!

us more knowledgeable folks who have had bad dealings with him will stay away. he once posted ALL my personal info (along with several other customers who got screwed) from an order, including CC # on Arfcom, which got him banned.

are you Mr. R-Guns in disguise ??
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