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I was looking for the same info a while back. I've found 10.0 gr of Unique, Starline brass, and a std large pistol primer from with a (~18-20 BHN) 240 gr lswc Mastercast bullet (Carbondale Il) is an excellent load. It's stout but not punishing and should run around 1000 fps from a 4" barrel (I don't have a chrony). It's a classic load from what I remember from researching.

Lately I've been experimenting with HP-38 the same powder as (Win-231) because I use it for 45 acp and it meters much better from my Lee Auto disc pro. I tried 8.3 gr of HP-38 with same components as above. It did not seem quite as stout as the Unique. My next trip to the range, I'm going to try around 9 gr of HP-38. I may stick with the 10 gr of unique for my favorite though, it was sweet shootin'.
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