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I am not a glock fan at all but I still voted. I picked the glock 30 because there are very few models being offered in 10mm and the number of companies making it are few and far between. so in essence, the guns are hard to find, the ammo is hard to find, the ammo is too expensive to stockpile reasonably, and if a part of your gun ever does break parts are also going to be a PITA to find. the 45ACP just makes more sense.
It's quite evident that tahunua001 doesn't own a Glock. If he did, he'd know that the receivers of the Glock 20 and 21 are exactly the same, including all inner parts as is the case with the Glock 29 and 30. Further, the only differences in the slides between the two calibers, other than the barrel, are the extractors as all other slide parts are identical too. Further, many people handload as I do for both calibers (and 8 others as well) and the 10mm is actually cheaper to reload for than the 45acp after you have a supply of cases because of the lighter bullet weights (bullets being the most expensive component). All large caliber firearms are expensive to shoot unless you handload. If you do, the costs are relatively the same between 40, 45, 10mm as they are between 30-06, 308, 30-30, 45-70, etc. The differences are measured in 1/10s of a cent. However, .223 is cheaper because of the small bullet weights.

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