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New to CCW! Where CANT I carry (New York)

Hi everyone,

Well, although I have had my permit for a long time, I was just issued a full carry permit in Dutchess County , NY.

I was going to carry out of the house for the first time yesterday. After I had holstered the pistol, I stopped and thought of the legalities.

The errands that I had to run included a stop at the bank, and then the post office. I wasnt sure if I was able to carry in either of these places, so I decided to leave the gun at home.

After thinking about it, I was wondering if there is a list of places that I CANNOT carry in.

I know I cant carry in NYC, government buildings and schools. However, is there any place else I would not be able to carry.

Could I have gone to the bank? What if I ever need to to go a police station? If I ever get pulled over, am I required to tell the police officer that I am carrying a weapon?

You would think when applying for a CCW, there would be some type of written documentation that would provide you with the answers to these questions.

Thanks in advance!!!
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