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I will keep hidden, easily accessed small handguns ready to rock.

The ammo and accessories (and possibly the rifles) need to disappear entirely though.

Even if the bad guy notices a couple bullets or a holster sitting out, he would be well advised to start ransacking the place (if he wants to find high value, yet portable items... such as guns!)

Fully burying the cache may not be necessary. Just large rubbermade burried just to the point that the lid is at the surface might work... just not sure if exposure to the changing temps is an issue.... and then also finding a way to seal the stuff while in there.

Also, what about hiding smartly in a nasty old storage shed way out back? Is that any better? Or are there still associated problems in a shed?

In the mean time, I'm certainly happy to entertain clever indoor solutions...maybe I can put the ammo in military ammo cans (sealed) and place those in the rubbermaid type boxes sitting just at lid-level in the ground.
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