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... other than the fact that it's way too short.
Actually, it has the same LOP as 99% of all other combat stocked guns, right around 13", and isnt "short".

I think the problem here is, people who complain, dont know how to properly shoulder the rifle. I see so many people trying to get a cheek weld on the rear, higher comb portion of the AK's stock, which is wrong, and would give the impression that the stock is short.

The proper way to shoulder the rifle, is like any other rifle with a correct LOP for a "working", iron sighted rifle, and thats with your head down and forward, your nose at or along the top cover, and your cheek resting on the narrow portion of the stock at the trunnion/top cover. It basically the same as an M16 series rifle with your nose to the charging handle.

The M16/M16A1's have the exact LOP as the AK too, the A2's are actually "long", by 5/8", and instantly noticeable as long when you try to shoulder them, when youre used to the correct lengths.
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