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I have that scope and it's pretty good overall. I have the version with the target turrets. I like counting clicks more than using BDC indicators on the reticle, and the Nikon version looks pretty cluttered to me. The parallax side focus knob does not correlate with its yardage marks. I forget offhand but I think that an actual 100 yard distance works best with the parallax set at 75 yards. You have to work with it to figure it out.

The knobs are nice, distinct clicks and I think it tracks just fine, I use mine at 500 meters most of the time and it's easily up to that task.

The major downside is that the glass in not as good as it should be. It's noticeably "foggier" than the Burris scope it replaced and one of my shooting pals went with a Vortex Viper (not the PST version) at about the same time I went with the Nikon and the Viper kills the Nikon.

The Nikon is a usable scope but I will never buy one again. I'll admit that I have Viper envy.
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