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Jimro, Yes the Swedes service ammo is about 45- 46KCUP. But you are wrong about 66K PSI. They were proofed at 66KCUP. Old pressure data often used crusher methods and expressed it as PSI.

Slam, Would you not think that loaded ammo by Norma, RWS, and some other Euro companies are +P. Their pressures typically run 50KCUP and are sold to be used in the Swedes 94 and 96 actions. Yeah, I know that the reloading site for Norma says to use "strong and modern" actions with their reload data. So why is there no disclaimer not to use Norma's loaded 6.5X55 in the Swede service rifles(including the Swede's one locking lugged Krag-Jorgenson)? Norma uses the 96 actions in developing and testing their 6.6X55ammo.
The CG-63 is a 96 action remade(they started making them in 1963) by the Swedes and although most are in 6.5X55; CG, Norma and others did make them in 308 and 7.92X57. 308 would probaly be closer to ++P.

Keepin Jeepin, Commercially made ammo that you find should be fine in your rifle.
If you reload, don't start out hotrodding the old girl. Work up slowly and safely or you may get a rifle like the one Slam pictured.

As Jimro stated the Swede actions are strong but lack a superior gas handling system like the 98 mauser. Best to All

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