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This is why I love these forums. There sheer range of opinions always gets me thinking. (I mean that, no sarcasm intended!)

@ TunnelRat - The "rational side of my brain" is, again, what made me ask. When it was a cop and fellow soldier who mentioned it, the rational side of my brain said "Hm, not the first time I've heard of this. Better ask and make sure, since my use of the M9 has been so limited in practical use." Hearing about a possible error like that, seeing it demonstrated on Youtube (in a controlled environment, so not a fair assessment of an "oh ****" scenario), and having a SSG in the US Army voice a concern seemed like a pretty "rational" reason to double check to me!

Sounds like while its possible, the ease of field-stripping (or using the "pistol ninja technique" as its apparently sometimes called) is greatly over-simplified in stories/youtube/hollywood/etc. Which is what I wanted to know.

(BTW, to avoid the infamous internet lack-of-tone thing, I'm not ******/offended/etc. I post questions like this because I expect differing opinions/debate. Just voicing my own opinion!)

That being said, I'm still pretty torn. I'll likely end up going to Hoffman's (LGS) in the morning and holding the two side-by-side for an hour before one of them ends up coming home with me
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