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I was thinking the MOA to MOA reticle with all measurements being in inches would be easier? Any thoughts?
I think the ideal setup in any reticle is having the subtensions and adjustments match, especially if you're wanting to dial adjustments rather than hold them. What that does again is make it so that you can call your own shots and then dial up adjustments according to what you see in the scope. So if you see a shot impact 2 MOA off the mark through your reticle, then you dial 2 MOA on your turret to adjust and fire away. Same with a Mil/Mil reticle: You miss by 2 mils then you dial 2 mils and fire again. If the subtensions match the turrets then it's just quick and easy, which is what I want when I'm shooting at distance.

So if MOA is what you like, then an MOA/MOA reticle is the way to go, and that's precisely why you're seeing more reticles now like the aforementioned Vortex that uses MOA subtensions with MOA adjustments. If you feel best with MOA then you'd love the MOA/MOA setup, and I think you'd be pleased with the quality of Vortex glass as well.
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