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Going back to the initial symptom, I should say that there were very few granules of unburnt powder on the first batch and since then from 19.5 upwards, there were none.

I had mainly been worried that this would interfere with the cylinder closing again (with granules getting caught between the cylinder pivot and frame) making it sometimes impossible to cock the gun, as happened with my .38 snub.
Only an issue if you reload with a fresh six whoich would be a great luxury if you ever needed your woods gun, but still...

I may push it to 21.5gr to see, but I am pretty sure that this will be compressed, so I'm not tempted to try 22gr.

Also, if I do source some Magnum primers, should I then bcak off some of these charges are does it only affect ignition, rather than max case pressure?

In other words, if I change to magnum primers will my results so far still be valid, or could over-pressure result when it hasn't so far?
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