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Here's some info on the Model 1924, from .
In 1923 a tentative order for 50,000 FN (Fabrique National D'Armes de Guerre in Herstal, Belgium) Mauser large ring 1898 pattern intermediate length action rifles was negotiated but not executed until 1925 when another 50,000 rifles were added to total 100,000 M1924 short rifles. These rifles lacked the special Serbian fully supported cartridge head used in the M10C and M99/07C Mausers. However, during 1926 ZB, the Czech arms plant in the city of Brno in Moravia delivered 42,000 new Vz24 7.92mm Mauser rifles and 10,000 used German Gewehr 1898 7.92mm Mauser long rifles to Serbia. The Vz24 were known as the Carbine 7.92mm Model 1924a in Serbia. In 1929 another 50,000 Vz24 7.92mm rifles were purchased from ZB.

The 100,000 intermediate length large ring action type 7.92mm Model 1924 short rifles which were purchased from Fabrique National DeGuerre (FN) in Herstal, Belgium began arriving in 1926 and ended delivery was completed in 1928. In the same time frame machine tooling and a technical support package to manufacture these rifles at MTI Kragujevac was arranged. FN engineers and technicians set up the Military Technical Institute production line for an upgraded pattern of this weapon, the well-known Serb M1924 model short rifle, with the FN design modified by Yugoslav ordnance engineers to incorporate the full cartridge base support feature on the M10C bolt head and also to allow the safety switch to be applied with the bolt uncocked. The process of setting up production was slow and did not get underway until 1928. The new rifle would be made in three variations. The short rifle with sling swivels on the bottom and straight bolt handle, the Cavalry carbine with swivels on bottom and left side and turned down bolt handle, otherwise the same as the short rifle, and a short rifle/carbine with straight bolt handle and sling swivels the same as the carbine arrangement
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