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swedish steel

The Swedes DID NOT USE PLAIN CARBON STEEL in their M96s. They alloyed with nickel, copper, and vanadium. That's why they are still goin strong. Low phosphorus iron ore alloyed with these made a very strong, corrosion resistant firearms. The only problem is the gas system if you loaded too hot or had a Burst casing, ruptured primer. That's not very likely to happen using new factory ammo or in-spec reloads using quality new supplies. I have a 1906 & 1907 M96s. They quickly became my favorites. 06 is sporterized and has a Barska 8-32x44 SWAT scope while I let the 07 remain in its full military glory. I'd love to own that lil 18" 1894 karbin. Be sure to check your headspace before shooting. My 06 was re-arsenenaled and the bolt was over-stamped to match the reciever. Yours isn't so I'd be sure to check the headspace first...Load a shell and see how the bolt closes first then place a piece of tape on the case head and check for resistance while trying to close the bolt. It should be hard to close'll love it after the 1st shot.
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