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In April or May of this year, I purchased a 20" heavy contour A3 from R-Guns. I put it on a DPMS A2 lower, swapped all the stocks for Precision Arms walnut stocks and grip. It only took about 40 rounds to get sighted/broke in. Actually, that's all the ammo I took to the range on it's first outting. I was intending to take a M1A to a match the next day, but I didn't use small base dies on the reloads, so the usual .308 ammo I load for my Rem 788 wouldn't work in the M1A. So there I was with only 1 rifle I knew was 'on' as far as sighting- so I took the R-Gun/DPMS. Anyway, first match, didn't do so hot (389). Second match the next weekend- figgered out the clicks and pulled off a 452 out of 500.

The upper arrived in a timely manner, ordering process was quick and easy, and it arrived well packaged/protected.

The finish is darker than what's on the DPMS lower. I know there are two different commonly used parkerizing finishes- don't know what they are, nor do I particularly care. Either way, the R-Gun finish looks closer to the finish on the last new-issue M-16A2 I was asked to carry around for Uncle Sam. The bolt carrier was the typical SA type, well staked key, good even finish, no burrs, or any other complaints. The bolt shows a little more looseness in the gas rings, but so far- everything there seems fine.

The 40 round break-in before hauling it off to a match- I know, that was silly. But I'll esplain. After an initial cleaning, I left it only a little wet with Ballistol. I loaded 3-rounds for sighting per clip. It had no failures to feed/fire/eject, however it did have a noticeable rough and sluggish feel that gradually went away during those initial 40 rounds. I'm not saying it was 100% broken in at the end of those 40 rounds, but it performed well enough that I didn't lose any sleep about taking it to the next day's match.

Between the first shot, two matches, oh and 40 more plinking/practice rounds I finally broke down and gave it another cleaning. I noticed more crud in the chamber than I expected. Everything else cleaned up as well as any other AR/M-16 I've cleaned. I saw no problems or issues that raise concerns.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the R-Guns upper and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others. I haven't checked into the problems others have had, and I don't see a reason to. Like I said- so far, mines been great.
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