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alright stop the presses...

I would like to apologize if I missed it because I only glanced though this thread but are you a current resident of chicago? if you you are then you are going to be severely reduced in options for AR15s


Cook County has an assault weapons ban in place and though it is completely idiotic and a gross infringement of your 2nd amendment rights, you are still subject to it's laws. even if you never use the gun while in cook county you may still not possess a semi automatic rifle with

a muzzle break(flash hider)
a collapsable stock/telescoping stock
a magazine capacity greater than....either 5 or 10 rounds, I can never keep it straight but much lower than your standard 30 round magazine.

I don't recall all of the criteria but those are the major points right there so if you do want to get an AR15 you will have to get a neutered version that is AWB Compliant. I would go with the other guys that say to get a good lever action rifle like a Ruger M77, Remington 700, winchester 70 or Weatherby Vanguard. all of those rifles are going to be cheaper in the long run are are available in more calibers more suited to hunting rather than self defense.
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