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What would you get your wife for Protection?

I have a friend that I work with with that wants to get herself a handgun for carry.

Don't know too much about her regarding guns, but I can tell you this:
She has shot two handguns before, She described a Mark II Ruger and a revolver with close to same kick (I think it would be a .22 as well)
She will take the Concealed Carry classes that is needed.
Average sized women.

She wants a gun that will stop a 280 lb man hoped up on drugs if needed, but would be a little scared if she would shoot through 7 walls after the fact (so not a .44 mag then).

She asked me what gun I would recommended for her.
I tried thinking about it and figured I would ask myself;
What gun would I buy my wife?

Personally, I keep leaning to the .410 revolver. I have never shot one. what do they kick like? 9MM? .40? 44 mag? ***forget this part***

MAIN QUESTION> What would you buy your wife to carry???????
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