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for pete's sake...

I want all of you to picture your local gun store that you like, love and cherish. not a chain store like cabelas, big 5, or gander mountain but rather, your local main street gun/ Mom&Pops, since 1902, etc etc. they have a nice store, good prices and everyone in town loves them.

now picture if you will that your LGS opened up a website that is used by hundreds to thousands of people a DAY, not a month, not a week but a DAY. do you honestly think that they could keep up with demand and would you honestly expect them to never make a mistake? that is exactly the standard that all of you seem to be advocating. PSA is not a firearms manufacturer, chain store or wholesale distributer. they are, in fact just your average LGS with a website. if you want instant gratification on your online purchases, order all your crap from walmart, I however would rather wait a couple extra weeks for my stuff, knowing that 100% of my money is going to keep a small business on it's feet.

I paid upfront for gunsmith services from an online company that will remain anonymous. after 6 months of beating around the bush and receiving promises of "it will ship this week" I finally started complaining over public forums. I instantly garnered the negative attention of the business in question and was accused of slander and received my product in the mail less than a week later without so much as an attempt to try and mend the relationship.

and you people are complaining about waiting 2 weeks for shipping.
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