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Leupold VX-3 problems

ok, purchaced a new 4.5x14x40mm in august then had it mounted and bore sighted on a .257wby mag vangard by the local company i bought it from.

-had it a couple of months before i could really play with my new rig
-Leupold is a good company from what I've heard (have awesome scopes, but this is my first Leupold. Got the Ziess Diavari, etc...)
-bases and rings are both Weaver Grand Slam (undecided, but beside the point)
-has turrent elevation on top of scope (first time to deal with this, but wanting to learn)

-after local guys bore sighted it, it shot a bit low and to the left at 100. Maybe 2" low and 2.5"left, not too bad. Then i take to the range...after a couple of more shots...its officially off the reservation!!! (the kinda shot you have NO idea where it went)
-back to the gun shop, and they tighten up everything and the guy sez it obviously wasnt bore sighted (BS!!!!!) then bore sighted it.
-back to the range. Still way off, shootin about 20 inches high at 50 yards!
-SERIOUS investigation takes place
-in trying to establish a "scope square" at 25 yards i discover there is NO vertical adj on the scope!

I would like to know if anyone has had this kind of problem, or any like it?
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