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Single Stack Full Size Polymer??

I am looking to add another pistol to the collection. High capacity is not important to me, 10+1 is fine. I would like to find a full sized 9mm, hammer fired, polymer pistol. current models I am looking at are the Ruger P95 and the Taurus 809. I have not actually handled these models to get the feel for them. My problem is I believe these models may have too wide of grip for me. (For Reference the Taurus 24/7 grip is too big for my hands) I have relatively small hands so high cap, double stack pistols do not fit me. So my question is:

Is there a full sized, narrow gripped, hammer fired, polymer pistols you all would reccomend to me? I have a PT1911 in 9mm already (great gun!), just would like to add another for the fun of it. (Hammer fired is just a personal preference, if not an option I would go with striker fired)

Thank You.
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