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I bought one, shot it for one afternoon and sold it. The trigger is lighter than a j-frame, but it's too easy for me to short stroke, especially under rapid fire. The j-frame has a much more pronounced and positive reset that I prefer and can fire faster.

With the LCR, you reach a point in the reset where you think the trigger is in position, but if you pull it, nothing happens. Others have mentioned this issue, too, you can find a few descriptions of the trigger reset on youtube and other forums. In defense of the LCR, you could train around this long reset. I was concerned that in a stressful situation I might pull the trigger too quickly and short stroke the weapon.

If you're checking one out in the store, then ask to dry fire it and pay close attention to the reset when firing quickly, just to make sure it's to your liking. (Under slow dry firing or deliberate target shooting, the issue might not come up.)

Also, my example had a very tight chamber. Extraction of cartridges that fired fine in multiple j-frames, gave some issue with the LCR. In defense of the LCR, I'm sure Ruger would have addressed this issue.

Finally, it isn't much lighter than the Smith, but has a bulkier frame. The grips are fine, but are too big and would have been replaced quickly if I had kept the revolver.

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