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Savage/Stevens Model 94P SS

I inherited this gun in 16 ga that belonged to my Grandfather. Nothing special by any terms if you know what it is- just a old single shot but it has sentimental value and i am having it refinished now.

Removed the old busted up tenite plastic stock and have a wood replacement ready for when the metal comes back from being re-blued. Problem is the 20-16 ga forend i ordered has a channel the size for what appears to be a .410 barrel. Guess i may order a carving tool to dig it out.

The original plastic forend snaps on and off and the replacement is just about identical as far as the hardware in it but it has a bolt from the exterior and a screw that installs from the inside vs the old forend that has the two screws that both install from the inside. I think i can make it work, just not sure why there are two different types. Will know for sure when i get the barrel back.

Its been tough finding info for a 94 "P" although there is much for a 94 with other suffixes. Anyone know much about this old gun?
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