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alright, the test fire results are in.

it was a limited test of only 4 rounds of 139gr PPU ammo but it was quite telling.
1. it actually fires
2. ejection is not very strong but since I will be reloading all my ammo for it this is not necessarily a bad thing(makes sure I pocket all my brass)
3. though it is a relatively compact carbine, recoil is quite manageable and comparable to an enfield NO4
4. I need to see about lubing it better as the action was acting kindof sticky
5. guessing what holdover might be I was able to hit a 4x8" target at 70 yards 1 out of 3 times.
6. the sights aren't the greatest but I have seen much worse.

overall I would place it somewhere between a cheap mauser and a springfield as far as performance, operation and ergonomics.

after a nice lube job I'll take her out and put her on paper properly.
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