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The first handgun I ever shot was a Colt Detective Special .38 - 45 years ago. I carried one in Vietnam. In the last 20 years or so I've shot and bought a number of handguns ranging from a Ruger Mk II to a S&W 629 8 3/8ths. Nevertheless, I have never fired handguns in any competition and have not shot them extensively. I've had a Kahr P40 and still have a P45. Recoil from the .40 was "sharper", quicker, and probably had more adverse effect on accuracy then recoil from the .45. However, with my arthritic hands, neither is comfortable - too light for the recoil. I've sold the .40 and intend to sell the .45. An aluminum, or better yet, a steel framed 1911 .45 is much more comfortable to shoot. I think learning to shoot a .22 handgun is the best way to start. If my .300 Win Mag was the first rifle I ever shot, I would probably be a golfer rather than a hunter (no offense intended).
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