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Redhawk- Very few revolvers for sure, I think they are just a gonna work kinda thing.

Mleake- Taurus is a very common pistol around here. There price makes them a weekend plinkers buy. I could not put a percent on it with any amount of accuracy. I will have to start watching and see what it comes out to. Smithys and Rugers are very hot. As a RSO we are taught,not to ,So to say pester people. We watch and observe and only interfear when needed. Conversations do start all the time, But there are 2 rules that are never ever overlooked. One being firearms are always in a case or pointed down range, # 2- The 2 doors you go through to get to the range- Ear muffs will be on upon entry to first door. SO conversations are very limited. But you do bring up a valid point on percentages of Taurus compared to others.
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