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" If the LRN and WC was so effective why has all of the work gone into making better bullets? A Federal HST or a Barnes DPX is so much better you cannot even compare them."

For two, or more reasons. First JHPs have a checkered past and expansion issues. Even today, JHPs have expansion issues when shooting through barriers and bone. So evolution is necessary. Second, the bullets you list as the ne plus ultra really do not penetrate deeply, hitting the bottom end of the FBI protocol in ballistic gelatin. A soft lead wadcutter with a maximum meplat will plow through over 12 inches of ballistic gelatin. A hard cast 150 grain standard pressure wadcutter from Buffalo Bore in a J Frame will blow through two feet of ballistic gelatin. So, the wadcutter gives us a maximum meplat, low recoil, inherent accuracy, and fantastic/incredible straight-line penetration. In a J Frame or LCR you can't expect much more than that.
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