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I love the variety you can get from a 44 revolver, it is in fact one one of my favorite cartridges to handload. I load my 44 mag from 600 fps with roundball loads to 1450 with 310 gr hard cast gas checks. Hornady makes some 240 gr lead that I like to load to 45acp velocities (750fps) for fun plinking. I like hodgdon clays for ultralight lead loads. herco, bullseye or blue dot for mid power loads and h110/ww296 for the hottest loads from 180gr jhp to 310gr hard cast gc.
For what you described I would look at a medium load of bullseye and some 200 gr jhps with non magnum primers, this would be a great all around load and would be fairly lethal for most medium game with reduced recoil and blast.
Bullseye is the most accurate for both my 44 mags probably due to such low blast and recoil, plus it is very efficient and clean like clays.
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